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Free EFT and Pro EFT Starter Package

EFT, Pro EFT and tapping are mind-body energy techniques that utilize meridian points originating from ancient Chinese acupressure. These acupressure points, combined with aspects of modern psychology, have proven to be a powerful healing aid. Simple verbal protocols can achieve impressive results in resolving physical and emotional issues. It often works in minutes or hours, as opposed to months or years of traditional therapy. Tapping often produces long-lasting results when all else has failed.

EFT, developed by Gary Craig in the mid-90s, is highly recommended by health care professionals and personal growth experts, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Joe Vitale, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and many others.

LindsayOur intention with this Starter Package is to give you enough basic information to begin tapping on your own. It's very easy to learn the basics of EFT.

As you begin to apply these simple techniques you will likely start to feel relief from your pain, guilt, shame, anger, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration and more. To be "zeroed-out" on some issues, especially complex ones, you may need help from a skilled practitioner. We will show you where to find one.

I and millions of others can tell you how amazing EFT is, but you won't truly get it's power and breadth until you experience the "Magic of Tapping" yourself. So don't just read the manual, listen to the audios or watch the videos. Start tapping yourself and feel your life begin to transform.


Your Starter Package includes:

* The Pro EFT Basic eBook
* Tapping Videos
* Teleclass Audios

* EFT and Pro EFT articles
* Webinar Recordings
* Our exclusive Tapping Points Chart
* A reference guide
* Tapping Tips

* Borrowing Benefits Instructions

* Access to our "Free Stuff" and FAQs pages


This package has over $200 worth of material, as my gift to you.

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