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If you are reading this, then you have been invited to join our
Pro EFT Apprentice Listings.

Since I can't take all of clients I hear from, I prefer to refer them to my students... not other Masters or practitioner friends. I want to help you guys out, especially if you are trying to amass hours for the Certification Program.

I also have a Preferred Practitioner and Certified Practitioners pages for those who qualify (workshop assistants whom I've seen in action (all our Level 3 grads of ours,) or those who have completed our Certification process. Once you've received your Certification you can be moved to that page. The rules and regs are different than those for Apprentices. Please read below for the particulars of the Apprentice Program:

General Info

  • The Apprentice program is for our Level 3/ UPW graduates (in good standing only)
  • Participants, by invitation only, will have a listing on the Apprentice page of this website, with their contact info, photo and links back to their site and/or e-mail.
  • Participants will be asked to discount their normal fee by at least 30% for at least the first two sessions. We can post that fee on our site, which for many people will be the draw for them.
  • There are no guarantees about how many referrals you may receive. People will just be given the link to the Apprentice page by myself or Katherine, or can find you clearly from the home page and other pages of my site.
  • Katherine will be the administrator/coordinator of it, so everything will go through her.
  • For now there's only a one-time set up fee of $90 for which we'll have a payment link. The fee for future registrants may by subject to change. But you're good for now.
  • I hold the registered domain name of and will be forwarding that to the Apprentice page as well. Hopefully, you'll get lots of referrals from it.


  • Changes to your listing must be submitted to Katherine at
  • If we get more than 2 complaints from clients about any one practitioner, there will be an "inquiry" about it  (some clients are just nasty, others may have legitimate issues about the apprentice.
  • If or when you have received our Certified designation, you can choose be added to the Preferred Practitioners’ page. You can contact Katherine at the time for specific information on that.

Click on the below icon to register $90 (one-time set-up fee) Add to cart 

Remember to send your information to Katherine!

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