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Hi, I'd love to hear from you and I do answer all of my e-mails. But first, to save yourself some time, check out these options:

Visit our extensive FAQs page on this site where you can find answers to questions such as: 

- What are your fees?
- How do I set an appointment with you?
- Will EFT work for...?
- How do you do EFT sessions by phone?
- Do you have an article or audio about_____?
- Why isn't EFT working for me?
- Can you recommend someone a practitioner who.....?
- How do I become certified?

... and much more! 

There are dozens of answers there about how I work and a treasure trove of information on EFT. So do check that informative resource first:-)

- If you'd like to set an appointment with me: contact my assistant, Katherine at  Or call at 800-925-8506 to leave a message 24/7

- For questions you can't find the answer to please e-mail us.

- For lots of FREE information about EFT, audios and downloads visit our Free Stuff page. By going there or to the FAQs page you'll automatically receive my "Hot Flashes" newsletter. It announces upcoming workshops, teleclasses and other EFT opportunities. Your information is private and will be never given or shared with anyone else, ever and you can unsubscribe to it any time.

- Tips on finding a practitioner visit our FAQs pages

- Click on the appropriate link below for information about our

If you can't find the answer on this website, please email us

Or you can call us at  800-925-8506. You may get a voice mail, since we are with clients most of the day, but we will call you back as soon as possible. Please leave your phone number TWICE, especially if you are calling from you cell phone. :-)



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