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LKOur online courses, whether live or recorded, are a great way to get a solid foundation in tapping. In fact, they take you beyond basic EFT and into Progressive EFT, even during the Level 1. Our Web-Classes are Internet-based, interactive, video courses that our students love. And, just like our live events, we have fun while learning. Stay at home and increase your skills!

Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Certified AAMET Trainer


Click here for our pre-recorded, self-paced,
Level 1 "Basic and Beyond" Webclass
... and our "Innovative Intermediate Level 2"




Join EFT Masters, Dr. Patricia Carrington and Lindsay Kenny for our Webclass series;
"Attracting Exactly What You Want";
Six weeks of Powerful Wish Fulfillment

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Read about our , "Tap Away Weight" Webclass / Teleclass recordings. The best of both learning experiences.

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  • Getting Unstuck
  • Level 1 and 2 Webinars
  • Tap Away Weight
  • Tapping intoDecisiveness
  • Tap Away Pain and Illness
  • Post-Level 3 Mentoring

Our web-based courses allow you to learn and tap in the conveniece of your own home or office with an EFT Master and Master MTT Trainer, Lindsay Kenny. You can visually see what's going on and watch the PowerPoint presentation as it's given.

NOTE: Participating in a Webinar does not qualify you or certify you, in of itself as an EFT practitioner. However, completion of the Level 1 and 2 webinar course, along with passing the final exam and other requirements, may qualify you to take a live Level 3 workshop. Successful completion of the Level 3 Course, does count toward your potential Pro EFT certification.

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