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Pro EFT™ Basic Video

Basic Recipe - reference and reminders

Borrowing Benefits Instructions
 (Benefit while tapping along with others)

Reversals Webinar
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Basic and Pro EFT™ Teleclass audio

More free EFT and Pro EFT™ Resources below

Start Here by watching this short Progressive EFT™ introduction video

Our intention is to give you enough basic information to get started on EFT on your own. But we don't want you to feel overwhelmed. It's easy to learn the basics of tapping, and the EFT eBook is the best place to start. Or watch some of the YouTube videos given below. But don't feel you have to know everything to get going. Just try it yourself, and try it on everything!

As you learn and apply these simple techniques you'll feel the relief from tapping away your pain, guilt, shame, anger, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration and more. I can tell you all day how amazing EFT is, but you won't quite get it until you experience the "Magic of Tapping" for yourself. You'll be hooked on it. And that's the best possible thing!

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Basic Recipe-Quick Reference - this is the much-condensed version of the EFT/Pro EFT eBook to the left. It is intended for quick reference only and includes a copy of the Pro EFT Tapping Chart. For the best results, please read the e-Book for the full explanation of tapping and the energy system.

    Watch our YouTube video on General Polarity Reversals, below,
    as introduced in the Pro EFT eBook.



Teleclass Audio on Basic and Advanced Tapping



More resources to learn about tapping:

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- Find Pro EFT Processes and Techniques

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