Here is what participants have written
about Lindsay and her
Tapping Workshops:

Hi Lindsay,

What a tremendous class it was (Level 3.)  Here’s what I appreciate about your style of teaching: Vivid and riveting story telling that illustrates the context and purpose of the exercise; compassionate and effective techniques that bust through limitations; riotous and poignant humor to lighten it all up.

Wow. Just as EFT accomplishes in minutes or hours what counseling does in months or years, your Pro EFT accomplishes in minutes or hours what EFT would take months or years. We’re transforming our emotional inheritance into what is truly possible, instead of being trapped by the way it’s always been. I truly stand amazed that I come back to Maine with a different future ahead of me. Tracy McCullom, Maine


Lindsay Kenny has earned the honor of being an EFT Master. However, she is a master in many other ways. She is a master teacher, coach, mentor and human being. To know her is an honor and a privilege. She is a package of intellect, knowledge, compassion, wisdom, experience, creativity, humor, spontaneity and intuition that is exquisitely rare.

She brings all of these to her coaching sessions with her clients who experience outstanding results. She utilizes all of her talents as a teacher as well, helping practitioners to excel. To not have been the recipient of her coaching or teaching is a lost opportunity indeed. She is a gift to the world and to EFT.
Thelma Jones MD, FACP

Hi Lindsay -

I think of you so often and how what you taught me serves my clients so well. I am so grateful for all the shortcuts -- especially reversals -- that help us clear issues in one or two sessions instead of the six or eight another practitioner would take.

And the Golden Gate Technique is so amazingly effective. You're the bomb! The ripple effect caused by your tapping technique innovations is immeasurable. Do you ever think about that? With all the people you have taught, and the clients they've worked with, and the people they've taught your methods to, and the clients those people have worked with, and all the friends and family in between.... Whew! It's really pretty mind-blowing.

Anyway, it's been on my mind, so I thought you'd better hear about it!

Huge hugs,
Janet Hays, Tucson

I am so grateful to have been able to train with you Lindsay, it was a dream come true, I had been following your work since 2009 before the time and opportunity came up to attend the Practitioner's Intensive. I am grateful that you developed Pro EFT. It has changed my life by giving me hope that I can create the future I desire and is helping so many people change theirs in a positive way. I've been using EFT since 2004, but never with such effective and effecient results since I started Pro EFT. Meena Ramaswami, PhD, Certified Pro EFT Practitioner

Dear Lindsay,
Thank you for the excellent workshop last Saturday! It was well- organized, clearly communicated, compassionate, and balanced between humor and taking people seriously. You and Zoe make a marvelous team! I am so glad to finally meet you and watch you in action! Alice Parker, San Francisco.


Dear Lindsay,
     The workshop this weekend  was just amazing. You are just so funny, gifted and brilliant at what you do. It was a joy to be around you. What a great partnership you are. I just love your humor! Kate Umteh.


Hi Lindsay and Zoe,
I found that learning how to tap in a workshop setting is a great way to go. It's nothing like the DVDs. You benefit from the energy and experience of others and gain more insight into your own issues. I would highly recommend your workshops. You're so energetic, entertaining, and gifted in your ability to teach this process".  David Ryan, Psychotherapist


Hi Lindsay,
Just a short note to tell you thank you for a great presentation of tapping.  It was such a pleasure meeting, and working with you.  You definitely have a true gift.  The seminar flowed beautifully, there was never a dull moment, and you are a kick in the pants." Wendy Parodian.


Hi Ladies, As you know I had learned how to do EFT with my therapist. But seeing it in action during workshop, and having the opportunity to apply it myself really took me to the next level.  I can now use tapping for myself and family with total confidence.  Hardly a day goes by with me doing some tapping." Joyce Burdstrom, Wilmington, Delaware


About Level 2 and 3

"Thanks to you and Zoe for the Level 2 this weekend. Even though I've been doing EFT for over 2 years and thought I knew a LOT about it, I learned SO much more. Really, what a delightful surprised. Being entertained and informed at the same time.... Such a wonderful gift." Amy Durham. Phx, AZ

Hi Lindsay,

If anyone wants to know if your Level 3 is worth the time and money, send them to me. In the first hour I knew it had exceeded my highest expectations. By the end I was truly blown away. It's worth twice what what you charge for it! Your level of knowledge and skill with EFT is truly astonishing, and your willingness to share it with others is inspiring. Thank you for that!" Erica Euel.

Bundling baggage is totally the BOMB!!!!   I cant believe that it hasnt been picked up by everyone by now.  That in combination with UTS is so fabulous.  Talk about moving forward instead of dredging up the past.  I just wanted to send accolades your way because you deserve them for your work. Aliza Vandrott




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