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"Tap Away Indecision - Tap into Decisiveness"

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Indecision creates frustration and anger toward yourself. Which is so self-destructive and non-productive. And of course it keeps you stuck. Postponing decision-making often results in having decisions made FOR you by default ... which is seldom in your favor. Ouch.

In this two-part video, PowerPoint presentation you will discover the two different types of indecision and what causes them. That's SO important to know in order to rectify the problem. You could tap all day on "being indecisive" but you're unlikely to get anywhere until you uncover the causes and tap them away.


In these videos you'll learn how your past has everything to do with your thwarted decision-making proficiency. More importantly, you will learn how to neutralize the causes of indecisiveness, forgive yourself for being a 'dooderhead', and learn how to tap IN decision-making skills. These processes will help you regain confidence, trust in yourself, clarity, focus and decisiveness!

indecision $33.00

We're making this decision easy for you. If the bargain price isn't enough to convince you, then watch the first one free! Here are the free handouts for Part 1. Or start being decisive now and go for it. I'll even take any "risk" out of it for you by guaranteeing it! So if you don't think this program is worth $33, I'll refund your fee. How's that for making it easy?

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