New Reversals Protocol Teleclass
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If you've been around Tapping for awhile you know how you can get stuck moving forward when working on a tough issue. If your intensity isn't coming down, then it's likely you have a Secondary Benefit Syndrome Reversal (aka Subconscious Resistance to Change.) Reversals can stop you in your tracks, and in fact are the biggest impediment to tapping success.

The good news is there's a simple solution for this type of Reversal. The bad news is the "proper" protocol was confusing for those new to EFT and even some 'old-timers'. But I've fixed that now with a new, simple protocol. It's easy to learn and easy to perform.

Join us next Tuesday night, April 24th. 6pm Pacific Time, 9 Eastern. If you can't make the live call
(and it will be short) you can listen to the recording of it anytime. It will be available on the
confirmation page you'll receive when you register.
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