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Experience a taste of our 6-part
“Attracting Exactly What You Want”
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This unique and motivating 6-week course in Multi-Media has magic behind it. So - we want you to experience some of it for yourself.

In this “Do-it-at-your-own-pace” course, we teach you exactly how to attract what you want in life and how to tackle the blocks head-on that keep you stuck.

If you've tried the Law of Attraction before but didn't get the results you wanted, we give you extensive training in how to correct this situation quickly and thoroughly.

And if you think "Attracting" works for others, but not for you, then we’ll help you remedy that belief permanently with this course.

Actually that may be why you're here…
to give it “one more chance.”

You will want to give it another chance after you read this.


Lindsay Kenny, Law of Attraction expert and EFT Master,
came from extreme poverty, yet miraculously began to
attract whatever she wanted, from a totally unexpected source… beginning at the age of 7!

At that time she thought it was magic…and it kind of was magic…but not an illusion!

She has gone on to attract a multitude of desire in her life;

  • A "free" Mercedes Benz
  • A two-week excursion to Europe (in the Mercedes coupe,)
  • A fabulous trip to Hawaii
  • And a beautiful custom home that she designed.

And all of those things "showed up" at virtually no cost to her!

Lindsay has also attracted

  • A vacation home at Lake Tahoe
  • Her wonderful husband
  • The career of her dreams
  • Lots of friends, happiness, health, peace of mind and much more.

Want to know how she did it?


What the magic is?

Listen to this FREE audio in which Pat Carrington interviews
Lindsay and you will find out.



Catch some of that magic now for yourself

Lindsay has taught thousands of students and clients how to attract what they want in their lives. So wouldn’t you will want her to teach you how to do that? Great! She does this in our one-of-a-kind “Attracting Exactly What You Want” program. Lindsay and Pat do that in a fun and entertaining way.

In fact, we not only teach you how to harness this often-misunderstood “Law,” but give you many opportunities to experience doing so for yourself. And we begin the process even in the first webclass.

Are you ready to join this dynamic “Attracting” movement now?

You can do that with this 6-week program using its extensive library of videos, audios, eBooks and bonuses, worth over $400!

When you take advantage of our introductory offer it will cost you
only $117… IF you act now!


Here are some of the many ways you can benefit from this 6-week course:

  • Find out how to give and receive support to and from others taking the course
  • Tap away childhood baggage that causes unworthiness and sabotages your results
  • Find out how to tap away; your debt, illness, pain or relationship issues
  • Become proficient at living your life on purpose, rather than by default.
  • Discover how to attract your ideal life partner...or the job of your dreams, good friends, great health, happiness, contentment and whatever else you want.
  • Uncover why you aren’t where you want to be at this time in your life…and how to remedy that. That answer might surprise you and the “fix to it” will delight you!
  • Hear and use advanced Pro EFT™ techniques such as; the Tower of Shame™, the Bundling Baggage Technique™, The Golden Gate Technique™, the Ultimate Truth Statement™ and more. These processes will not only increase your Attracting results, but will greatly improve your tapping skills.
  • Listen to extra tapping sessions with Lindsay and Pat as they help class members tap away their issues. “Borrow Benefits” to work on your own issues at the same time (we’ll teach you how!).
  • Discover the common words and phrases to eliminate from your thoughts and speech that will enhance your results with the Law of Attraction. And of course we’ll teach how to replace them with words that will empower you.

Own this one-of-a-kind “Attracting Exactly What You Want”
6-week program for just $117

Once you join us, you’ll find another surprise that will allow
you to experience ongoing support in what you want to attract.
It’s an awesome option!

There is true “Magic” in this course…but no tricks. It’s reality, not illusion. Let those who have already completed it tell you why.

Such a great class--thank you Lindsay and Dr. Carrington, Lindsay--your stories alone are worth the price of admission--I could listen all night!!

Mena Swanson-Eastwood

To be clear: The Law of Attraction does work for others… so why shouldn't it work for you? Actually, it already does work for you, but it just may not be in ways you notice or in ways you wanted or expected.


The Law of Attraction isn't just about wanting something. We're sure there are things you've desired for a long time, but haven't seen come to fruition. And, we'll bet you have things in your life right now that you didn't want…but got.

So you've already experienced the Law of Attraction…
but not always in the way you expected or wanted.


People often don't understand why they get what they DON'T want…and they don't understand why they aren't getting what they DO want. So sadly, they give up. But you haven't given up or you wouldn't be on this site… That's great news!

Own this one-of-a-kind program for the special introductory price
of only $117, if you act now!


Still not sure? Here are some additional ways you will benefit from this 6-week Attracting Course:

  • Get your life in order – You’ll learn how to fix clutter, procrastination, weight…and much more.
  • Tap away guilt, shame, regret and disappointment that make you feel unworthy, create self sabotage and block you from attracting.
  • Tap away limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and block you from attracting what you want.
  • Tap away fears of failure, rejection or success.

Take advantage of the “Do-it-at-your-convenience” factor. You can learn and practice at your own pace, watch a particular portion over and over again. It’s your choice!

Read more about what others say about our
“Attracting Exactly What You Want” 6-Week Course:

I wanted to share about the first thing that I attracted… which was this class. I really wanted to find out if this Law of attraction stuff was for real. I have had some interesting experiences in the past with things that I thought I had created but I wasn't sure if it was coming from me or another source ....

I really wanted to hear about it from someone I could trust, who was smart and sensible as well as open minded. The next thing I know there is an email from Pat about the law of attraction. So I am very happy to be here, thank you Pat and Lindsay because this was really bugging me. :) You guys have answered my prayer!

Sharon Bosmoore

* * *

This entire course has been incredible, and I'm so excited to continue with the positive momentum in the membership. Thank you, Lindsay and Pat, for sharing your expertise and time so generously. It's been such a privilege to learn from you.

Leslie Fox

* * *

WOW!! This work is so powerful. After each class I am amazed at the understandings that come to me. Many of us in the class are in the process of "rebirth", of recreating ourselves. What a gift it is to be able to spiral back through those old issues/memories and release them in order to truly be able to move forward.

I also find the stories to be very motivational because they are wonderful proof that this all works. Thank you again, Lindsay and Pat!!

Helen Fernald

* * *

I love my tapping buddies! What a difference they make! I have been tapping for years and now I am seeing movement. Is it just tapping with a buddy? I don't know why it is so powerful now. Thanks to my buddies. I have had some amazing shifts and some amazing results.

Judy G.

* * *

I was camping at a beautiful lake as I listened to the replay and thought I'd like to have some free firewood for a camp fire. I resent paying $10.00 for firewood. Then our neighbor packed up early and left us a bundle of firewood. Two lessons; I can manifest and I can ask for exactly (right Pat)

Anne Thoen

* * *

I also wanted to thank you Lindsay for all the resources that you provided with the class and the techniques. I am blown away by your generous spirit in sharing all that with us. That stuff alone would have been worth doing the class for.

Sharon Bosmoore

* * *

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