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lkSo much has changed with advanced Tapping and Pro EFT™ in the last few years! And most of it good. We have recognized those changes and have heard your requests for updated material. Pro EFT™ has grown immensity and is now recognized in the Tapping Community as the way to learn innovative tapping techniques.

To that end we are so happy to be announcing our commitment to teaching our 500+ Level 3 Practitioners our newer, cutting edge, Pro EFT™ techniques and processes. Our Level 4, Continuing Education Courses will be offered twice a year; in a 2-day workshop and with additional material in supplemental web-classes.

Our intention is to get you updated on the new tools, sharpen your existing skills and help you with challenging clients or circumstances. For those wanting to go on to the Pro EFT™ Certification Assessment Program, this class is a must .... not mandatory, just highly recommended! For practitioners wanting to brush up on their existing techniques and learn our newer, more effective processes, this is the class for you. Plus, you'll get to work on you own stuff (although you probably don't have any), reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.

These courses will be part of our landscape now and in the future and we really hope you take advantage of this opportunity. Participating in them, at least once a year, is especially important if you are planning on going further with your Pro EFT™ experiences and possibly to the top as a Pro EFT™ Master!



Level 4 Pro EFT Continuing Education Workshop for our Level 3 graduates

Processes you will learn or perfect in Part 1 of this course:

  • The New Reversals Protocol - This is much easier to use, apply and teach than the way we originally taught Reversals. And it's a must for highly effective, rapid, results.

  • The Tapping Tree (or Trauma Tree) - This process is arguably the most effective, versatile and powerful Pro EFT process we've ever developed. It helps you and the client see their issues 3-dimensionally. This process can really help you clean up what's left of your "stuff" or handle a lifetime of the cause for most of your issues.
    Note: The Tapping Tree and its "sister" The Prosperity Tree™, with their multiple applications, have virtually replaced the Ultimate Truth Statement. We do still use it, but usually within the context of the Tapping Tree.

  • The Tower of Guilt and Shame™ Parts 1 and 2 - This process is a must for dealing with self-sabotage, stuck issues, low self-esteem and so much more. It eliminates a lifetime of shame, blame, guilt, remorse and disappointment in yourself and past actions or choices. And if you know already know how to use it, we'll teach you how to perfect it and Part 2, an essential tool for unworthiness. Very powerful!

  • The PHOOSIE Method™- This cool little method was the predecessor to The Tapping Tree™...but very different. Previously Lindsay has only taught it in the Mentoring Webinars. But you'll learn how to utilize this unique method to deal with complex issues. It helps you, the practitioner, ask the right questions for your client and of yourself, establishing rapport and trust with the client.

  • The Ultimate Choice™ - This technique is a must when dealing with people who are severely stuck, pre-suicidal, and those who have given up on life or lost their joie de vivre. I don't think I could function as well as a practitioner without this technique in my tool bag. And thanks to Zoe Walton for the inspiration for the original process and the inspiration for this one!

Some of the above techniques or processes, as well as additional topics may be covered in optional webinars. Dates and logistics for those will be announced in or before the CE class.

Part 2 will be held in the first quarter of 2015 as a webinar and will include different processes and be priced separately. Dates, TBA

We also offer 16 CEUs, or CEs for MFTs, RNs and LCSWstapping

Requirements to attend: You must be a graduate of our Pro EFT Level 3, Ultimate Practitioners Workshop or our Practitioners Intensive to attend this course.


  • Tuition: We wanted to make this course affordable to our grads, so the tuition for these recordings is just $155 That's for for the in-class portion of this workshop and video recordings afterwards. The optional post-class webinars can be paid for separately. More about the webclass will be announced soon.



Recorded Video Streaming - directly from the classroom: $155




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Once registered, you will be given more information about transportation, accommodations, meals, logistics and more.

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Purchase Link for the Level 4 Recordings: 2014 Certification Students ONLY

*We offer 16 CEU's or CE's for MFT's, LCSW's, and RN's

These educational credits are valid for California practitioners, and other
participating states only. Please check in your state for reciprocal
CEU acceptance. Certificates of Completion are awarded
based on successful completion of this course.

Cancellation Policy:

All fees are refundable up to 1 week prior to the course date, less a $20 administration charge.No refunds will be given within 1 week of the class. However, you may apply your paid tuition toward a future course, without a transfer charge.

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