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We invite you join Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master for the recordings of this extraordinary weekend of Tapping, Transformation and Fun. The energy was great and the results were awesome. Now you can be a part of it!

This truly unique course is about Transoformation at the highest level; clearing up your past and paving the way for your phenomenal future. We take you inside some of Pro EFT™'s most powerful new techniques in a way that's never been done before in a public forum...and with online streaming. Our intention is to help you fix the things that haven't been working in your life...and show you how to live your life by design rather than by default.

I'm was very excited about doing this specialty workshop and was so pleased that the Live Streaming portion was recorded. Now we want YOU to experience the lasting freedom, joy and peace of mind it can generate. That may sound impossible, but I assure you it's not. You CAN feel that way and you DESERVE it.


'Merry' Smith
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"Lindsay! I was just thinking about how MUCH I loved being a part of your weekend!! I really thought it was a home run!!! It was just magnificent!  Your crowning creation!!! You GO girl!!!! Big time!!!!! I haven't had such a wonderful time in many years! So restorative, fun, alive!!!!" ("Merry-Mary Smith is a Level 3 graduate who has attended ALL of our workshops and assisted in many of them.)

Watch more of these short, inspirational testimonials from those who attended last year's Tapathon!

Now, even with the recordings, we can help you neutralize past troubling events, circumstances and experiences that have kept you trapped, stuck and ineffective. Then we'll help you to eliminate the fears, self-doubt, self-sabbotage and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward. And finally, we'll help you design, envision and attract your ideal life.

Think that's too much to expect? It's not. We've done this before with hundreds of clients and students and know that works! And now we are able to share it with you on a larger scale.

Registration: The cost of the recorded version of this entire class is available now for only $99! That's over 15 hours of unedited class time for under $100!. The catch is, you need to watch the replays before the end of this month. By registering, you will also be able to participate in our closed Facebook Page, along with other participants. Some will have participated in the live class, or via live streaming. And others, like you will be watching the recordings. Online you can pair up with tapping buddies, post your ideas, ask questions, share your success stories and even interact with Lindsay. That part will conitinue long after the end of the month. So Carpe' Diem...or Seize the Day now!
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Whitney Demorest
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In order to get the most out of this recorded two-day event you should have
a solid
foundational knowledge of tapping. This class is NOT about
teaching you to tap. We need to assume that you already
know how to do that. What this course IS about is
helping you clean up your past and redesign
an ideal future for yourself!

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Q. What does a "Foundational Knowledge" of Tapping include?
A. This means you not only need to know HOW to tap but need to have done it successfully on yourself or others. Just knowing the tapping points isn't enough to be successful in this class. If you are really 'green' to tapping you might feel a bit left behind in this course. So find a good Pro EFT™ Master or practitioner or take our recorded Level 1 (and/or Level 2) webclasses before attending.

Q. What if I don't have previous tapping experience?
As explained in the answer above you really do need to know the basics of tapping. There are several resources on this site to get the basics.

Q. Do you offer CEU's or CE's for this 2-day course?
A. Yes, 16 CEU's or CE's for RN's, LCSW's and MFT's. If you're from another state, see if your local board will accept our service provider status. We've had it for over 8 years.

Q. What are these three techniques you refer to above?

  • A. The Trauma Tree is an exclusive Pro EFT technique (as are the others we will use.) It's a powerful metaphor that aids in a cognitive shift in processing troubling issues. It allows you to not only see ALL of the aspects of an issue at one time, but also allows you to tackle them at once. Even though it is a relatively new technique to tapping, it's already been used thousands of times with astonishingly high success rates.

  • The Tower of Shame is another Pro EFT technique that allows you to rapidly neutralize ALL of the things you've done in your life that have caused you (or loved ones) hurt, disappointment, regret, shame, guilt or remorse. While it might seemed to be an impossible endeavor to eliminate ALL of your regrettable actions or thoughts, we've been doing it for over two years now with extraordinary results. What a relief to wipe the slate clean of your past transgressions, failures and mistakes.

  • The Prosperity Tree OMG! This is such a COOL technique. You have to experience it to believe it. I'll just say that it allows you to project yourself into the future, living the life you most desire, and make it come true! The Prosperity Tree is a remarkably complementary to The Trauma Tree™. Together, they can literally help transform your life, like nothing else has.

Q. Why are the replays only available until March 31st?.
A. Because of a prior agreement with other parties. We may be able to extend the viewing time, but please do not count on that. Watch the replays now! you'll be glad you did.

Q. Are there audios only available for this class?
A. Sorry, but no. There is no way (with our expertise, at least) to separate the audio from the video.

Q. What if I know that I can't watch all of the videos by the end of the month?
A. The good news is that Karin Davidson, with Meridian Tapping Techniques, is also a videographer and she recorded the entire class on video. Once that material has been edited and the slides integrated and all has been transfered to DVDs, you will be able to purchase those. However, we don't know what the cost for this will be. But at least this valuable material won't be lost!

Q. What are these powerful processes we can expect to learn?
A. These unique and exclusive Pro EFT™ processes, the "Transformation Trio" consists of:

Even if you are kind of familiar with these wonderful techniques, you won't have experienced them in the context with which we will be using them. Together, this Transformational Trio is astonishingly fast and effective...even if you've worked on your issues before.

One of the challenges with traditional EFT is that many people never really clear their past "baggage." They tap and start feeling better but other aspects keep showing up. The "focus on one aspect at a time" process becomes tedious and people get confused about what to do next. So many people, while they do feel better, never quite realize resolution on their issues or get the final results they want.

Feeling better is good, but it's not the ultimate goal. What you really need is total resolution of your issues to experience true peace of mind. You deserve to feel AWESOME, PEACEFUL and PROSPEROUS... and this class will help you realize that.

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