The Ultimate Practitioner Workshop™

Pro EFT™ Level 3

Our next Level 3 will be Oct. 11-13th, in the
San Francico Bay Area

More details below, including qualifications to attend this class

Even if you've already done a Level 3 elsewhere, join us anyway.
This class goes FAR beyond a traditional Level 3

This was one of our biggest Ultimate Practitioner Workshops™ in 2007
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          Whether you are:
  • Already an Energy Practitioner, or

  • You want to establish your own practice, or

  • You want to integrate tapping in your profession, or

  • Want to become as skilled as possible in tapping for yourself

    Then this is the right course for you!

If you haven't done Pro EFT Levels 1 and 2 yet, read about
our Level 1 and 2 Webclasses via recordings to help get you up to speed

This workshop, taught by Lindsay Kenny, Founding EFT Master, is one of the thorough, effective courses in tapping. Read what other grads have said about this extraordinary course.

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In this workshop you will learn how to (or reinforce):

  • Deal competently with any issue that comes up
  • Unravel and deal with complex issues
  • Master the important ART of Tapping
  • Hone your skills on ALL of our many tapping processes, tactics and techniques which include:
    Bundling Baggage, Golden Gate Technique™, Ultimate Truth Statement, Relationship Remedy, Personal Power Process, Role Reversal and other powerful, new Lindsay Kenny processes!
  • Comfortably conduct efficient, effective phone sessions
  • Set up your ideal practice
  • Reach the most number of potential clients
  • Tips on promoting and growing your practice
  • Learn a tip to increase your income by 50%, without adding new clients or raising rates
  • Know when and how to refer a client elsewhere
  • The secrets to building rapport with clients
  • Create compelling work materials such as business cards, brochures, intake forms, client files, etc.
  • Avoid things that don’t work, and capitalize on your strength

In addition to all of that, we're including our Power Package™ Teleclass Series downloads FREE in for those who enroll in the Ultimate Practitioners Workshop! That's $185 of material at no cost to you. This series includes over 19 hours of audios, on many common issues, and includes several written downloads and processes as well. And you'll receive additional free teleclasses as we go. :-)

For those of you not accustomed to the way Pro EFT works, this will be a big help in catching you up with our techniques, processes, tapping points, etc. for the Practitioners class. You need to listen to these recorded teleclasses before the workshop, to get the most out of it . After registering, you will be directed to a confirmation page with the the link to these audios and more.

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er Read what Dr. Eric Robins, M.D. said about this class:
"Lindsay teaches the most in-depth skills in working with psychological reversal and complex issues of any trainer that I've experienced. I cannot recommend her trainings highly enough. Even if you have years of experience like I had, (this class) is invaluable and not to be missed or underestimated. My confidence is at an all time high, and I really feel that there is no issue that I cannot tackle."

Read what other students have said about this workshop:

Level 3 and UPW Dates 2013:
Read qualifications required to attend below:

Dates and Times: October 11-13th
9am to 6pm (we will end by 5:30 on Sunday)

Tuition: $495

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"Ultimate Practitioner Workshop™"

If you haven't read the qualifications to attend this class,
please do so before registering


*24 CEU's or CE's For California practitioners, and other participating states. Please check in your state for reciprocal CEU acceptance. Certificates of Completion are awarded based on successful completion of this course.

Venue and Accommodations:

Venue and Accommodations: The beautiful Acqua Hotel, on the San Francisco Bay, in peaceful Mill Valley, CA. This elegant hotel is located in the heart of Marin County, next to the San Francisco Bay, and at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais. It's only about 8 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. See special negotiated rate options below.

acquaStairs  acquarooms
Phone: 415-380-0400

It is important that participants stay at the hotel and we have negotiated some nice room rates for you. We'll have some evening events, tapping with each other and socializing. And you’ll want to stay there, it's a lovely hotel, for a low price (for the Bay Area.)

Qualifications: To attend this class you must have Either:
Completed Pro EFT Workshops Levels 1 and 2,
OR completed one of the below qualifications:

  • Have had a full time EFT practice for at least a year, with at least 100 clients
  • OR…Have completed the recordings of our Levels 1 and 2 Webclasses, AND the Power Package Teleclass series (the Power Package is included with your registration, so no need to buy it)

A regular EFT certification from EFT Universe, ACEP or AAMET will not in itself qualify you for this class. You can, however, take our Pro EFT™ Level 1 and 2 webinars (recordings) and pass our written test to qualify to attend. Here's why:

Meeting these requirements insures you will feel comfortable as we review and use important techniques taught in our Levels 1 and 2, Teleclasses and Webinars. Having these requirements also insures that we are on the same page about using Reversals, our unique tapping methods, the Choice Statements, the Bundling Baggage Technique™, the Golden Gate Technique™, the Ultimate Truth Statement™, the Belief Busting Technique™, muscle testing and more.

If some of these terms sound unfamiliar it’s because we go far beyond what’s taught in traditional EFT and even what is taught in most workshops. However, if that’s all you have done you will feel like a fish-out-of
water in this advanced class. This workshop is about taking EFT and Pro EFT™ and tapping to the highest possible level.

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"Ultimate Practitioner Workshop™"

If you haven't read the qualifications to attend this class,
please do so before registering

For those coming from Zoe Walton's Level 2, a $50 discount will be shown
at checkout...until July midnight July 4th!

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Cancellation policy: Once you register you will have access to the Power Package™ downloads and other free material. Therefore there can be no refunds. However, you may apply your tuition toward a future Level 3/Ultimate Practitioners Workshop™ at any time.

All of the logistical information you need will be provided once you register.
However, if there is something you need to know first please contact us


Still not sure? Read what our former students
have written about this workshop

Hi Lindsay,

The workshop (UPW) was so fantastic!  I feel like I got 4-5 times the value from it that I paid for it.  What a fabulous collection of goodies on our resource page!  And I can already see the benefits of the personal junk I cleared out in our dyads and demos.  Woo-hoooo!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Janet Hilts, Tucson, AZ

Hi lindsay,
Thanks so much for the fabulous weekend.  I learned so much and really got energized to get my practice going.  Natalie Powers, Wilmington, VT


Hi Lindsay and Zoe,
What a fantastic weekend!  I've come all the way home (18hrs on the plane) and am still on a high! (and no jet-lag, because I tapped.) I feel inspired and excited and ready to go and conquer!  You conduct an AWESOME workshop and your enthusiasm is really infectious.  And Zoe is a perfect foil for you - what a partnership!  Thank you both for all the stuff you were willing to give to us. I'm over the moon - talk about attracting abundance abundantly!  Thanks to you all - what a wonderful camaraderie developed over that weekend.  I'll never forget it.  Betty Mandzuk, W. Australia.


Hi Lindsay,

First, great class!  I thank you for all your giving of information and the website products.  I have already used the brochure template and within a few minutes and a few minor changes I have already started passing out my EFT brochures. Robin G.


Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for the Awesome workshop! It was quite a show you and Zoe put on for everyone. Thank you very much for all that you are doing for the group. It's hard to put into words what it means to all of us, and I'm positive that I can speak for all.
Joe Oliver, Phoenix


Hi Lindsay,

Well, arrived back in LA tonight, and on the ride home everything looked different. Of course, what had changed in 3 days was not the scenery, but me.  I am floored by the absolutely massive changes that I've noticed in major core issues. I'm also a bit in dismay about how I could have been using EFT successfully with clients for years yet never previously experienced it's power for myself. If I wasn't a believer before, I am certainly now. Robert Erikson


Dear Lindsay,


I'm still reviewing the weekend in my mind and so many wonderful and valuable moments come to mind.  I am extremely grateful to you and Zoe for such a gracious sharing of your experience and tools.  I look forward to taking EFT to the world now- all of the pieces were answered that were missing before.

And I do think "Humor is the best medicine" too and you rule in that department. Judy I.

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