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Pro EFT Masters Program

2015 dates and registration

October 21 - 25th, 2015

For those re-auditing the courser for CEU's or CE's, you can find your payment link
below (with the registration info.) You must attend all four days to get your credits, however. 24 CE's for every 24 month period are required to maintain your active Pro EFT Masters status.



lkThe EFT Founding Masters, of which I am one, made a group decision in 2007, to no longer certify any new EFT Masters. Although I didn't agree with the decision I am honoring that commitment. So this is not an EFT Masters Program, but rather Pro EFT™ Masters. It is a way to honor those who have achieved the highest level of excellence as Pro EFT Practitioners.

Only Pro EFT Certified Practitioners who qualifies for this program and passes it, along with the rigorous requirements and testing, will be awarded the Pro EFT Master title. It is achieved via board certification and sanctioned by Lindsay Kenny, founder and trainer and the Pro EFT Institute (aka the National Alliance for Emotional Health.)


Our first Masters Class, along with our assistants

Because candidates must be proficient in Pro EFT techniques as well as basic and advanced EFT techniques, this program is actually more complex and demanding than that of the original EFT Masters.

Qualification for the Pro EFT™ Masters Program:

  • You must have taken and passed our Pro EFT™ Level 3
  • You must have taken and passed our Certification Assessment Program™.
  • You must have been actively using Pro EFT™ for at least three years.
  • You must have worked with at least 250 individual clients (which does not include workshops participants). The total of clients can, however, include up to 30 other advanced students or practitioners with whom you have worked or traded sessions.)
  • You must have logged, or be able to document, at least 700 client hours
  • You must have a full-time EFT or Pro EFT practice and use Pro EFT™ processes in at least 90% of your sessions.
  • You must complete and pass our Pro EFT™ Masters Application Process (which you may download it at this link). There is a non-refundable $100 fee for submitting the application. If you do not qualify, your funds can be carried forward to the next Pro EFT Masters Program in the future.
  • You must know the differences between basic EFT and Pro EFT™
  • You must know how and when to use APPROPRIATE Pro EFT™techniques and how to apply them effectively.
  • You must learn how to spell the very complicated term of Pro EFT™ and know what it stands for (Progressive Energy Field Tapping).

Note: If you meet all of the above requirements, but lack Pro EFT™ Certification, you can start or continue your progress Certification Program with the Pro EFT Institute now.


In order to certify a Pro EFT Master™ at this high level of proficiency, with Lindsay's name and that of the Pro EFT Institute™ on the certificate, we must be certain that the Practitioner is qualified. This program is not a "Walk in the Park." So when you pass the written exams and the proficiency testing, you will know that you definitely EARNED the title of Pro EFT™ Master.

Dates: Oct. 21-25th, 2015
Note: this is a five-day program beginning the evening of the 21st.

         We will also have two preparation webinars or teleclasses within 60 days prior to the event.
There are no additional charges for these classes. Dates, TBA

Location: Alameda, CA - exact venue information will be available after registration.

Tuition: Regular registration after July 15, $1995*
Tuition: Early Bird registration before July 15: $1500 (may be paid in three equal installments, as long as the final payment is received no later than Oct. 1, 2015)

* Pre-class preparation and training will begin no later than July 15th and you cannot participate in those trainings unless you have registered and at least begun payment for this program.

Venue: Alameda, CA (right across the bay from San Francisco.) More details to come, but we'll be staying in a large, private home, with plenty of sleeping and meeting space (cost not included in your intuition).

While staying with us in the home isn't required, per se, it is HIGHLY recommended, for several reasons:

  1. For one, the cost will be one you can't come close to for any other accommodations in the Bay Area
  2. Secondly, we will work some evenings to allow time to play or practice tapping
  3. This is not a 9-5 course that you are used to taking with us, so we need to be flexible with our schedule and everyone staying together makes that easy for all.
  4. And lastly, the camaraderie you will build with your fellow candidates (eating, working and sleeping with them...so to speak...) will be priceless and lifelong.


Download the Pro EFT Masters Program Application


Payment Options:

Option 1: Pay the full tuition of $1500, now with this link: (only before July 15th, after that the total
amount is $1995


Option 2: You may pay the tuition in three installment payments of $500 each (beginning no later than July 15th.) The last payment must be paid by Oct.1st, 2015.

Use the below PayPal button to make all three payments. Please enter which installment you are making:...i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3 or 3 of 3.

The first payment must be submitted by July 15th. The second is due by August 30th, and the final installment must be paid by Oct. 1st.

Or, you can make two installments at the same time, by doubling the quantity. The installment plan is not available after 7-15. Only the full payment.


Enter payment; 1 of 3, 2 of 3


Refund policy: Sorry, but there isn't one. No refunds can be made on this program. However, your payment(s) may be applied to a future Pro EFT Masters Program.



24 continuing education units are required for every two year period to maintain your status as a Masters. There are many ways to achieve the credits, and here are some:

  • Attend any Pro EFT workshop, teleclass or webclass - each hour of the class attended will earn 1 CE
  • Assist the trainer(s) in any Pro EFT workshop, teleclass or webclass - each hour of the class attended will earn 1 CE
  • Submit case studies (worthy of being published on either the Pro www.ProEFT.com website or Pro EFT Institute site.) It needs to highlight the use of one or many Pro EFT techniques. Each case study will earn 2 CE credit.
  • Complete documented research on the effectiveness of any Pro EFT technique. The research, while not scientifically documented, still needs to include complete case histories, test results, video or audio documentary, client names and testimonies and all pertinent statistics. A complete rehears project, including at least 20 participants will earn 24 CE's, good for two years of required CE credits.

  • Register here to attend the Oct. 21-25 Masters Program to earn required annual CEs (also applicable for RN's, LCSW's, MFTs and L.Ac.'s)


If you still have questions, please read the above information again,
then email Lindsay



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Pro EFT™ Techniques: There are over 20 techniques unique to Pro EFT™ and, if you are to become a Pro EFT™ Master, then you need to know how to apply these techniques. It's not necessary that you use them in your practice every day...or at all, but you do need to know the differences in basic EFT and Pro EFT™ and how to use our processes, techniques or methods.

The best way to learn the differences is via this article: How Pro EFT™ differs from Basic EFT. Most of you will know and probably use the Golden Gate Technique™, Bundling Baggage™, the Ultimate Truth Statement™ and more. But there are several Pro EFT™ techniques not taught in your Level 3 or Ultimate Practitioner Workshop that you won't know, unless you have taken our Level 4, Continuing Education Program.

If you decide to purchase the recordings of this course, you will be given a special purchase link once you are accepted to the Masters Program.

In that class we teach the PHOOSIE Method™, the Dan Rather Technique™, Dimensional Objects™, the Trauma Tree™, Prosperity Tree™, the Tower of Shame™, the Ultimate Choice™ and more. You will need to know how to use and apply each of these techniques, as well as others.


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